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Teaching Arithmetic to the Adolescent: A Montessori Approach

Teaching Arithmetic to the Adolescent: A Montessori Approach is the perfect book for math educators looking to teach arithmetic to adolescents using the Montessori approach. This book covers a wide range of topics, including fractions, decimals and percentages, other arithmetic skills, probability, combinatorics, statistics, set theory, and number theory. With this book, educators will have a key lessons they need to help their students succeed.

Pre-order is available now! Shipping estimated by end of February.

The Math Institute:

​Our Focus

     The Math Institute is focused on providing teachers the resources and support they need to center the classroom on their students. Through physical and digital materials, as well as in person and virtual workshops, the Math Institute collaborates with teachers where they are to enhance and open up their classrooms for better student engagement. Our methodology is rooted on the effective, scientifically proven Montessori Method developed for children ages 0-12, but our work has been to extend the theory and practices to the 12-18 Mathematics environment.


How are we different?

     While contemporary math instruction focuses on rote memorization of facts and formulas, our methodology realigns the learning approach toward the discovery of the rules. What we do is we give students activities that provide opportunities to experiment, observe patterns, and then make discoveries. If students struggle, it is the teacher’s role to ask questions and help to guide the students towards the discovery at a level that is appropriate for that student. This method leads to understanding instead of memorization. Afterward, the teacher’s role is to help students verify their rule, bring awareness of why the rule works, and help the student articulate, refine, and standardize the language. All the necessary skills and concepts are covered per grade level guidelines, but the result for the student is understanding through discovery.

     Aligning the classroom towards the students’ needs allows them the time to work on material for an extended period of time, while allowing the teacher the freedom and flexibility to observe and give targeted lessons as needed.

The Math Institute textbooks and school supplies


I walk away from every Mike Waski workshop learning something new and feeling more confident in teaching integrated math with my adolescents. During workshops, there is time to ask questions specific to what you need in the environment; Mike has so many great ideas to really help students find a love for math!

Mike is a wellspring of knowledge in adolescent math instructional best practices. He freely shares his journey, both successes and failures and is generous with his resources.

Attend the workshops. You will be blown away by the ideas. They will change how you see "lessons".

I can't overstate how fun, informative, and useful these workshops are!

A great resource for truly trying math to work successfully in the Montessori model.

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