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This Activity Booklet continues to help students become familiar with the coordinate plane, but focuses on more advanced graphing concepts such as midpoint, distance, and slope, including the relationship between parallel and perpendicular lines. All activities are designed to be done on the Coordinate Plane material, though they can also be done with graph paper and pencil. However, the physical material can add variety and allow more access to these more advanced concepts for younger students or those who need to work more concretely.


The activities are designed to be done after an initial lesson by the teacher is given. However, for midpoint and distance there are guided activities that students can do independently to discover the formulas before doing the card work as follow-ups. The activities provided for students are as follows:


1. Midpoint Formula Guided Discovery

2. Midpoint Cards

3. Distance Formula Guided Discovery

4. Distance Cards

5. Slope Card Activities

6. Slope Questions

7. Parallel and Perpendicular Cards

8. Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

Coordinate Plane Activity Booklet #2

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