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A perfect material for Upper El with extensions into middle school algebra!

A wood pegboard for the concept of graphing, designed to work with Montessori geometry sticks. Students can discover concepts such as graphing points, the midpoint and distance formula, slope, the relationships between parallel and perpendicular lines and geometric transformations. Comes with 10 steel alloy dowel pins and 10 non-latex rubber bands. 

Pair with our Coordinate Plane Activity Booklet (sold separately) to truly see how this board will enhance your classroom experience!


*Now available! Coordinate Plane Activity Booklet #2 and Activity Booklet #3

Wood Coordinate Plane

  • Size: 23.75"x16.75"x3.75" (outer shipper)

    Size: 16.5"x16.5"x0.75" (grid)
    Material: Baltic Birch Wood

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