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Consulting Program.

Currently taking requests and appointments.

Need a seasoned eye to review your middle or high school math program? We've got you covered!

Michael Waski and his team of Math Consultants can review your program, prep your teachers, and make recommendations to implement a strong adolescent math program! For more information, fill out the form below and download our PDF consulting program overview to share with your teachers, heads of school, and administration.

What It Is

A highly-customized approach from AMI-trained practitioners, for your school, your program, and your budget.

What it Isn't

A one-size-fits-all, boiler plate program, gifted-wrapped and handed to you.

We Provide

First, we observe. Then, we provide feedback, suggestions, and concrete plans to move toward the vision of your math program.

Your Outcome?


An ideal pathway to make your classroom vision come alive!

Consulting Program Form

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