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Algebra 1 Video Lessons

140 on-demand video walk-throughs of lessons from Teaching Algebra to the Adolescent: A Montessori Approach - Volume 1

Michael Waski Brings the Lessons to You

The Math Institute is so excited to bring you step-by-step Video Lessons for each chapter in Teaching Algebra to the Adolescent: A Montessori Approach - Volume One. From the physical to the abstract, these videos will help prepare you to get your students started working towards internalizing the rules by grounding the ideas in the materials. Algebra may seem like a big step for students, but with these insights and methodology, they will see connections to what they have learned before, how to apply it to new situations, and why the techniques work.

Additional Details:

  • These videos give Michael an opportunity to demonstrate detailed lessons. He explains prerequisites, incorporate materials, provides ideas for further work and interesting tangential and historical information.

  • The videos are the perfect companion to Michael’s manual, Teaching Algebra to the Adolescent: A Montessori Approach - Volume 1, but they are also a great stand alone tool. Hands on demonstrations with materials will help enhance any lesson for deeper student understanding.

The Math Institute textbooks and school supplies


I walk away from every Mike Waski workshop learning something new and feeling more confident in teaching integrated math with my adolescents. During workshops, there is time to ask questions specific to what you need in the environment; Mike has so many great ideas to really help students find a love for math!

Mike is a wellspring of knowledge in adolescent math instructional best practices. He freely shares his journey, both successes and failures and is generous with his resources.

Attend the workshops. You will be blown away by the ideas. They will change how you see "lessons".

I can't overstate how fun, informative, and useful these workshops are!

A great resource for truly trying math to work successfully in the Montessori model.

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