Wed, Feb 02 | 6 sessions, ends Feb 18, 2022

Online Algebra Winter 2022 Session: Equations!

Join Michael Waski for a series of Online Algebra Workshops focused on equations. Cost: $175
Online Algebra Winter 2022 Session: Equations!

Time & Location

Feb 02, 2022, 7:00 PM
6 sessions, ends Feb 18, 2022

About the Webinar

Schedule: 6-sessions, Meeting Monday and Wednesday on Zoom for 3 weeks for one-hour live sessions with Michael Waski

Cost: $195

Each session will be offered at two times, 8am and 7pm ET, on session meeting days accommodate different time zones and schedules.

  • Course  length: 3 weeks   
  • Webinar dates: February 2022;  All at 7:00pm ET-US      

Course content:   

Session 1: The Order of Operations

Introduction: The Flow of Work

The Order of Operations: History

Follow-Up Work

Session 2: Solving One-Step Equations

One-Step Equations with Positive Numbers

One-Step Equations with Negative Numbers

One-Step Equations with Integer Multiples of x

One-Step Equations with Fractional Multiples of x

One-Step Equations in Abstraction (Using the Inverse)

Equations with Higher Powers (Time Permitting)

Session 3: Solving Equations with Multiple Steps

Two-Step Equations

Two-Step Equations with Several Fractions

Variables on Both Sides of the Equation

Multi-Step Linear Equations

Solving Any Equation using the Order of Operations

Session 4: Simple Quadratic Equations

Equations with Higher Powers (If Necessary)

Solving Embedded Quadratics

Using Algebra Tiles to Factor (Time Permitting)

Zero-Product Property

Solving Equations through Factoring

Session 5: Non-Factorable Quadratic Equations

Perfect Square Trinomials

Completing the Square with Materials

Solving Quadratic Equations through Completing the Square

The Quadratic Formula

Session 6: Inequalities and Absolute Values

Solving Inequalities

Solving Equations with Absolute Value


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Certificates of Completion will be emailed to the participants at the conclusion of the workshop (16 hours)     

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