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Pi Day!

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything here, but it’s been a busy week! I have continued to do writing for the new geometry book, and I have been making some instructional videos. People have said that they are either not able to come to my workshops or would like to be able to revisit the lessons later, so I am doing my best to get started on making some videos. It has been really fun. I just finished one on the Pythagorean theorem today.

In regards to pi day, I think it is becoming a bit too commercialized. I remember back in the day when only a few people really cared about math day, but now it’s this whole thing. Back in the late 90’s I remember using Webcrawler and found Eve Andersson’s home page and it was a lot about math and pi. It was more of a niche thing. But times change, and it’s good that more people know about pi and mathematics. So I’ll celebrate pi day with the masses now, and I can still have February 7th as a relatively quiet math holiday. But seriously, pi is so awesome; it’s one ofthe first mathematical concepts that got me interested in math at a young age. If you don’t have The History of Pi by Petr Beckman, at home and/or in your classroom, I highly recommend you treat yourself to a belated pi day present!

But what’s funny is that the only person to wish me happy Pi Day (so far) is my Aunt Betsy. Her real name is Betty Ann and when I was little, I used to call her “AB or BA…get it?” Yes, that whole phrase was her name. What’s more, today I was working on the aforementioned Pythagorean theorem video and there was binomial square work, where you can multiply to find the area of the two rectangles in two ways; ab, or ba. And I got it.