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The latest book in Michael Waski's series! Teaching Geometry to the Adolescent: A Montessori Approach is complete and ready to ship! 

Geometry can and should be dynamic, hands-on, exploratory, and will be if it is presented as a world of discovery open to students of all ages.


Too often, the way geometry is typically presented, students can find the subject matter dry and boring, confusing, or irrelevant. This is not the fault of the subject! Geometry, even if not a stand alone subject, should be integrated into our math and science classrooms every year. In this book, I aim to change our approach and understanding of what geometry is and can be for our students, so that we will be able to reach and appeal to many students in ways they have not had engagement in mathmatics before!


The intent of this book is not to offer a textbook for students and teachers, but instead a collection of organized and tested activities and lessons meant to help engage students in the exploration, discovery, and application of geometry in a way that is exciting and appropriate for this age level.

Teaching Geometry to the Adolescent: A Montessori Approach

  • 8.5"x11" Soft Cover Book; Spiral-binding

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