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Size: 4 ft x 2 ft  (122 cm x 60.96 cm)


The Math Timeline allows you to take an approach with students through the lens of history - how the field developed through time, the people who made these discoveries, their stories, and their methods.  


Putting a face and a story to mathematics is something we’ve found adolescents to enjoy and relate to. Seeing the struggles, dead ends, rediscoveries, etc. of the past allows students to appreciate their own efforts more readily.


The purpose of this timeline is not to be a comprehensive survey of mathematics.  There are plenty of great resources already in place for that. Instead, this timeline gives a sampling of influential mathematicians from different time periods, cultures, genders. 


Included are three timelines. The first contains information connecting each mathematician to skills and standards, which is a great tool for the teacher to use as a guide or for students to learn independently of the teacher. 


The second timeline gives a different impression as the portraits are now in their correct positions on the timeline, showing bursts of inspiration and activity throughout history. As in a traditional Montessori timeline, this allows for plenty of white space to honor the unknown or unnamed heroes that nonetheless contributed.  


The third timeline is the same as the second, but with the portraits removed, allowing students to build their own timelines. All the portraits from the first two timelines are provided as cut-outs to get the students started. 


Click here for more details on the timelines and how to implement them!

Math History Timeline

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